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The Vivian & Nordberg Family

Ancestry Research -  I do family research and history for you.

My name is Leslie and I have been doing family research for about 16 years.  I enjoy doing family history and research.  I don't care if it is mine, yours, or santa clauses, I LOVE doing it.  It is very addicting.  You know this is true if you do your own history on your family.  

  I love and enjoy finding stories.  One thing that I really became excited about, was how our last name was changed, and where and when it occured.  Many times in history, last names, or surenames are often changed throughout history.  Our name used to be spelled Vyvynne and changed when an ancestor landed on the Isle of White.  He was ill and the person recording his name was unsure of the spelling, so spelled it how he thought it should be. 

  I am happy to do research for your family for a small fee.  I have access to ancestry and can do some research if you need to free up time. My fees are modest and reasonable.  No one wants to pay huge fees for research.  I may, or may not find anything. 

  I charge a solid fee of 100.00 USD for 8 hours of research, which equalls 12.50 and hour and that is not really much at all.  If you want to hire me for more than 8 hrs, I charge 13.00 and hour.  Still cheap compared to about 150.00 and hour others charge.  I charge low because I love doing research and being a nibby nose :).    8 hrs may take me two days, in some cases, I do this all in one day.  It depends on what I have going on at home. What ever information I find, I email it to you. I do not print out copies and mail them.  You may print them from your home. Sometimes I find stories, photos, dates, family members you didn't know you had, and some you didn't want to have.  

It is all so exciting and fun. If you are interested in this, just shoot me an email with the subject (family research).  In your email, you should give me some people to start with, such as yourself. Your full name, (with your maiden name), birthday, where you born, your parents names, birthdates and birthplace.  The more info I have to go on, the easier it is for me find stuff you don't have already.  If you don't give the information you have already, I may spend time trying to find out and that will go into your fee and I don't want to charge for information you already have. 

Remember, I do not know what you have and do not have, so send me what you got, and I will go to town on a hunt for family information and history for you. 


email me at pearapple@gvtc.com I accept personal checks and of course paypal if you have that also. either way is easy for me. 

My Grandpa Otho Dee Vivian, Sr.

Otho Dee Vivian, Sr.


I am going to start out with my Grandpa, Otho Dee Vivian, Sr.  He was born in Carrizo Springs, Dimmit County, Texas on October 19, 1893. He married my 100% Swedish Grandma, Singne Olivia Nordberg in Cuba, on September 24, 1924


He was in the Texas Rangers back when they still rode horses.  Back when I was in the 4th grade, I remember being in school and sitting in the cafeteria with a bunch of school students to watch a show called, THE EYES OF TEXAS.  They were doing an epispode on Some of the first Texas Rangers from Dimmit, Texas.  They showed my Grandpa's photo as well as a note he wrote wanting rembersed for 2.50 he had to use out of his own pocket for a hotel fee while on the job.  They told him they would not refund him his money as he could have slept outside. I thought that was brilliant. LOL.  I remember pointing and saying, hey, that's my grandpa. It was an awesome feeling.

My Grandfather's Father Lloyd Edward Vivian

In back in the big bow hat is GGrandmother Mollie English Vivian, Lloyd Edward Vivian.  Standing near Mollie Uncle Leslie, In lap, Aunt Lexie, In hat standing Uncle Gus, and sitting on box is my grandpa Otho Dee Vivivan, Sr.

Lloyd Edward Vivian is my Great Grandfather.  He was born on May 22, 1867 in Goliad, Texas and he died January 5, 1905 in Carrizo Springs, Dimmit, Texas.